• Accelerate the application of design innovation
    The enterprise innovation and transformation awareness is improved through activities of Design × Manufacture Industry Sourcing Meeting, Design Walking into Industrial Cluster, Walking out·Innovative Design Travel and the like, and the enterprises are guided to shape enterprise advantages through the innovative design, pry up the market through the industrial design, and drive the upgrading and transformation of the enterprises and the industry.
  • Industrial innovation result incubation
    Through five service modules of Design Service, Technical Service, Brand Service, Financing Service and Supply Chain Sourcing Service, an international incubation platform and an innovative application system which both orient to the enterprises and the design institutions are constructed, and incubation, conversion and popularization of the innovative achievements are promoted.
  • Cultivating top design talent
    The high-end design talents with the international view are cultivated through activities such as series salons of a Design Lecture Hall and design workshops. A training practice platform and a design innovation knowledge base which both cooperate with domestic industrial design colleges and universities are built, cultivation of the new era force of the industrial design is enhanced, the high-quality design talents are enabled to stay, and catch-up development is achieved.
  • Deep connection with international design
    As the supporting platform for promoting the development of the Qingdao industrial design, the Qingdao International Design Center promotes close communication between the Qingdao and Germany, America, France, Finland and the like, organizes people to participate in industrial design exhibitions and communication activities at home and abroad, introduces an international design institution, promotes gathering of international famous design branches, international advanced intelligent manufacturing technologies, products and innovation projects in Qingdao, as well as establishes the international new highland of Shandong industrial design innovation.
  • Globalization trade driven by exhibition
    An offline exhibition hall is constructed to be combined with an online exhibition sales platform, the design innovation products of Qingdao are focused. Global industry trade resources are gathered, and functions of bidding, sales exhibition, sourcing, financing and the like of the innovation achievements are realized. Star enterprises and products with Qingdao characteristic industries are built, the Qingdao characteristic industries are driven to go out of China and face the world, and design-driven brand innovation is realized.
  • Space Sharing
    Take “strength flexible of office and optimize resources of space” as core and provide space for activities with high-speed internet, co-working, opening entertainment and other services to create a sharing space for inspiration collision, sharing design and embodying entertainment to work;
    It is open and has flexible devices, combining retrospective industry and modern fashion. The digital devices including smart conference system, full color LED screen, 3D stereo are provided for international communication, industrial development discussion activities, product crowdfunding, new product release, design training and other activities;
    Brainstorming design research room, quite and elegant design library, imaging thinking square, fabulous talking park,beer house,novel design release hall, design sharing co-working area, diversity opening space with European styles bring you SOHO-style relax and fashion working experience. Create industrial design development atmosphere by holding kinds of design activities regularly to provide publicity and display services and commercial resources matching services for enterprises.
  • Future: create global design community
    QIDC build an industrial chain with product innovation as the core will be built to provide a sharing design ecology for global designers, manufacturing agencies, entrepreneurial team and innovative team, thus to comprehensively promote the structural reform of Qingdao's industrial supply side, build an international design center based on Qingdao, serving Jiaodong Peninsula, radiating the whole country and facing the world so that the belt and road initiative and strategy implementation of the Yellow River Economic zone can be assisted. The innovation and leading effect of the industrial design is fully exerted, transformation upgrading and high-quality development of the Qingdao industry are boosted, and the Qingdao is accelerated to be built into an open, modern, vivid and fashionable international metropolitan city.