• Geographic Advantage
    QIDC is located in Guangxingli. Its overall layout is rectangular, brick and wood structure, two floors above the ground, and some basements. The building area is about 3500 square meters. It is the earliest and largest courtyard building community in Qingdao and the "starting point" of urban planning and construction in Qingdao. In 1901, Gu Chengzhang, the founder of Guangdong Guildhall, paid for the employment of German architects. He first built buildings here. In 1912, Zhou Baoshan, the founder of Sanjiang Hall, bought and expanded it into a large courtyard surrounded by streets. In 1933, it was renamed Jiqingli and gradually became one of the three major markets in Qingdao.
    Located in Shibei District, it is the key node of Qingdao's strategic development, and its traffic road system is well distributed. It connects Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in the north, undersea tunnel in the south, Chongqing road runs through the north of the city, and five subway lines pass through the city, forming an urban circle of half an hour for the main urban area of Qingdao, one hour for the whole area, and two hours for the peninsula city group.