The CMF New Material Innovation Lab
The CMF New Material Innovation Lab takes CMF research application as a starting point. A service bridge is provided for the product designers, the CMF designers and manufacturers. A CMF manufacturing end, a design end and an application end are fully linked, and a value chain of CMF popularization and application is deeply excavated. More than 500 samples and pictures commonly used in various industries including colors, materials, processes and the like are provided in a laboratory CMF space displaying area.
The CMF New Material Innovation Lab faces the future of new material research and application platform under the joint efforts of Neuni-MateriO, including experienced material exhibition area, new material experiencing interaction area, new material workshop activity area, storage area, online material building and material application research and service platform, thus to construct world-leading new material innovation and solution platform integrating online and offline, research and application service.
●Converge 2000 international new material samples and pictures to simulate innovative design ideas of designers and researchers and to integrate new material innovative products.
●Regularly conduct new material workshop and sharing meeting, deeply understand definition of new material, explore the innovative secrets of new material to apply international new material flexible.