Design Source Exhibition
  • Design Source Exhibition Area
    Creative design achievements of classical design, contemporary design and future design are shown in a centralized mode around four major plates of culture, science and technology, cities and future. Designing source points are explored, and the development trend of the future design is thought.
International Design Boutique
  • iF Award Exhibition Area
    Gathering the excellent products of "Oscar" in the design world from 1953, showing the perfect integration of business and design.
  • Red Dot Exhibition Area
    One of the three world’s awards, experiencing the subversive innovation brought about by the highest quality of global design.
  • G-mark Exhibition Area
    Showcasing the most authoritative and influential award-winning works in Asia, exploring the boundaries and warmth of design.
Qingdao Design Innovative Achi
  • Qingdao Design Innovative Achievement Area
    Typical excellent design products and the design achievements both have been won in the industrial design since the reform and open-up are centralized displayed in Qingdao, and the confidence and the resolution that Qingdao people and Qingdao enterprises are brave to overcome the difficulty, pursue excellence and actively preempt innovation competition and future development commanding height in the new era are presented.
Design Shop
  • Design Shop
    Covering cultural and creative products around Qingdao culture and Guangxingli: canvas bag, mug, fan, etc. cultural creation is the abbreviation of cultural and creative products. It is a kind of art derivative. It uses the symbolic meaning, aesthetic characteristics, humanistic spirit and cultural elements of the original artwork to interpret and reconstruct the original art. Through the designer's own understanding of culture, the original art can be interpreted and reconstructed The cultural elements of the product and the creativity of the product itself combine to form a new type of cultural and creative product.