• About Us
    QIDC are located in Guangxingli, No.63 Haibo Road, Shibei District, Qingdao, with a total area of 3500㎡. At present, we provide the central square, design exhibition hall, design lab, design release hall and design meeting room and other activity venues can meet the needs of international exchange, industry development discussion activities, product crowdfunding, new product release, design training and other forms of activities.
    Leslie Zhang
    Tel: 13132238083
    E-mail: shouyu@qidc.org.cn
  • Central Square
    Open and transparent, retro industry and modern fashion coexist, can place the equipment needed for large-scale activities.
  • Design Exhibition Hall
    Large scale, professional, high-end and international exhibition area.
  • Design Lab
    Our labs: Dark Horse Design Thinking Lab, Fab Lab Qingdao, New Material Innovation Lab
  • Design Release Hall
    Intelligent conference system, full-color LED screen, 3D stereo audio and other digital high configuration equipment.
  • Design Meeting Room
    Configured with tables, seats, intelligent meeting panels, etc.