• Qingdao Industrial Design Innovation Center

    The Qingdao International Design Center (which is QIDC for short) is established by People's Government in Shibei district of Qingdao city and Shenzhen industrial design profession association in 2019, located in Guangxingli of cultural relic ancient buildings in Shibei district of Qingdao city, and has a building area of 3,500 square meters. As a supporting platform for promoting a Four One project of Qingdao industrial design (namely the Qingdao International Design Center, Designing Street, Designing Case and International Design Gathering Area), QIDC starts a new journey with a new mission, combines enterprises and public institutions, social organizations, design college and universities and related industry experts in the industrial design field, and jointly push the development of the Qingdao industrial design towards large scale, specialization, high end orientation and internationalization. Powerful support is provided for creating the Old City Revival·Design Empowerment and creating a nationwide template.

  • Gather Design Power To Drive Industrial Upgrading

    Qidc focuses on enhancing the competitiveness and influence of characteristic industries by bringing together design forces to drive industrial upgrading, lighting Qingdao with design, injecting international innovative design forces. The center integrates global design resources + engineering laboratory + exhibition and release, provides top-level design, design consultation, technical support, brand promotion, policy advocacy, industry docking, activity exchange, exhibition, resource allocation and other one-stop comprehensive services, focuses on Qingdao's traditional advantageous industries, and uses industrial design to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.
    Qingdao industrial design innovation center focuses on design lecture hall, design training and industry docking meeting, introduces international excellent design innovation institutions, organizes global design elites from Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, Shenzhen and Beijing to give lectures in Qingdao industrial design innovation center, shares and promotes cutting-edge design concepts, accelerates the stimulation of industrial design market and creates development atmosphere, and enters into Qingdao industrial design innovation center.