Kazuo Tanaka
Born in 1956 in Tokyo, Japan, he is a senior consultant of GK Design Group Co., Ltd. He is also a director of Japan Design Promotion Association, vice chairman of China International Design Industry Alliance, and former director of International Industrial Design Association (ICSID). Master Tanaka graduated from the Department of design, School of fine arts, Tokyo University of art, majoring in industrial design (MA). In 2005, he was appointed as the director of logo and street public goods of Aichi Expo held in Japan. He has been a judge of many international design awards, including excellent design award 2003-2009, German Red Dot Design Award 2008, Braun International Industrial Design Competition 2009, iF China Design Award 2009, China innovative design Red Star Award 2009, Australian International Design Award 2010, "Furong Cup" International Industrial Design Grand Prix 2010, Red Dot design 2010-2011 Awards: design concept award, and 2011 pin up Asian Creative Industry Design Award. Master Tanaka's design activities are all over the world. He has won the Japanese excellent design award and the red dot design award.