Help Old City Upgrade | 2020 Urban Renewal Conference Successfully Held
2021-01-20 03:01

In the new era, China's urban construction pays more attention to improving the quality of the city and the quality of the living environment, and constantly promotes the construction of infrastructure and the renovation of old areas. Urban renewal has stepped into the stage of "organic renewal" characterized by reflecting the requirements of the new era, carrying new contents, and attaching importance to new inheritance, which has become a common issue faced by the competent government departments, development enterprises, and design and construction industries. For this reason, the "Qingdao city renewal and building repair theme exchange meeting" sponsored by the structural reinforcement and reconstruction Professional Committee of Qingdao civil engineering society, jointly organized by Tengyuan design and CABEN Technology Group Co., Ltd., and co organized by Qingdao industrial design innovation center and Qingdao beijiantou Investment Group Co., Ltd. was held in Guangxing Lilong building of Qingdao Centennial Institute on November 27 More than 80 people from industry associations, scientific research institutions, design and construction, construction and development, parts and materials enterprises attended the meeting.


The meeting invited five well-known experts in urban renewal and building repair, focusing on urban function upgrading, development trend and future potential, to exchange and discuss the application of technologies in urban renewal, such as public space construction, key technologies of underground storey adding of existing buildings, new technology of structural reinforcement, urban restoration and structural design of building repair.



  / Guest Speakers /  



Director of structural reinforcement and reconstruction Professional Committee of Qingdao Civil Engineering Society
Chief engineer of Tengyuan design and chief engineer of structure specialty
Manager of Jinggong Engineering Consulting Office


In his speech, director Jing Yanqing said that the central and local governments have frequently issued favorable policies to encourage urban renewal and reconstruction of existing buildings. Urban construction has entered the old reform era from the era of large-scale demolition and construction. As an important way to improve the quality of the city, urban renewal and architectural renovation have broad market space, which requires the whole industry to actively explore, exchange, innovate and seek common development It's the best way.


  / Keynote Speech /  



Doctor of Tsinghua University, Professor of Qingdao University of Technology
Special allowance expert of Qingdao municipal government, Secretary General of urban old community reconstruction Committee of China Urban Science Research Association
Speech title: urban renewal public space construction


Professor Han Qing analyzed the concept, practice and development direction of urban renewal in China from the perspective of public space construction. She pointed out: with the development of the city, many public spaces integrating function and art have emerged one after another. The public space of the old urban area and the renovation project of the old residential area shoulder the functions of promoting urban renewal and stimulating the vitality of business forms.



Doctor of Tongji University, Professor of Shandong Jianzhu University
Standing member of Underground Space Engineering Committee of Shandong Civil Architecture Society
Speech title: research and application of key technologies for underground storey increase of existing buildings


Professor Jia Qiang analyzes in detail the application and development of underground storey adding technology in the field of reinforcement and reconstruction of existing buildings, which provides a variety of ideas and possibilities for the development and renewal of urban underground space.



Technical director of Cabernet Technology Group Co., Ltd
Lecture topic: research and application of new technology of structural reinforcement


Director Tang Fei analyzed the new technology and new materials to help urban renewal and development, and introduced in detail the composition, advantages and case application of new technologies such as carbon fiber grid and high strength steel wire cloth reinforcement system.



Tengyuan first design and Research Institute
Architectural scheme of Qingdao historical and cultural memory area
Speech theme: Urban DNA repair: organic renewal of Qingdao Sifang Road Historic District


Wang Bei mainly introduced the architectural features and historical evolution of Liyuan in Sifang Road area, put forward suggestions for the urban design of the area, and elaborated the architectural renewal scheme of typical representative courtyard, as well as the difficulties and lessons encountered in the construction process of historical building repair.



Secretary General of structural reinforcement and reconstruction Committee of Qingdao Civil Engineering Society
Deputy director of structure Institute and appraisal and reinforcement Institute of Tengyuan third design and Research Institute
Speech theme: Research on the structural design of Qingdao Liyuan building renovation


Director Liu Yang introduced the structural design basis, design countermeasures, design methods and other problems in the repair of Qingdao Liyuan building, shared the key and difficult structural problems encountered in the repair and reinforcement, and provided experience reference for the repair and reinforcement of modern historical buildings.
The successful holding of the exchange meeting not only provides reference for the urban renewal and architectural renovation of Qingdao, but also provides a new thinking direction for the transformation and upgrading of the provincial survey and design enterprises and the optimization of business formats, which is of great significance for promoting the existing building renovation and urban renewal of Qingdao. We hope that through our efforts and exploration, we can accelerate the pace of urban renewal and building repair technology, constantly improve the competitiveness and quality of the city, meet the people's wishes for a better life, and help the development of the city.