Photography Salon
2021-01-10 02:01

3 + 3 Photography Salon

——Qingdao Fashion Photography Society Enters Guangxingli

The charm of Qingdao lies in its fashion
So, in the photographer's lens
What kind of Qingdao can you see?
August 19, 2:00 pm
Qingdao fashion photography society in guangxingli
Held a "3 + 3 Fashion Photography Salon" activity


Academic leaders invited in this salon
Mr. Qin Ling, a famous professional photographer
Will lead you from different heights and perspectives
Take a look at this fashion city


Academic Leader of Photography in This Issue

Famous professional photographer

He began to work in photography in the 1980s. His works have been published in China photography daily, people's photography daily, people's daily, public photography, national geography, going to the world, Qingdao daily, Qingdao pictorial, Sailing City and other newspapers and magazines.
His works have won many important awards in photography exhibitions and competitions sponsored by China Photographers Association and Qingdao Photographers Association.
Qingdao old street Postcard album and Qingdao old villa were published by Qingdao publishing house.


Theme of this issue


Primary Coverage

1. Precautions for UAV flight
2. UAV flight skills training
3. UAV flight experience and works display

Higher Photography

Yang Guang, President of Qingdao Fashion Photography Association, Wang Zejie, vice president of Qingdao Photographers Association, and staff of Qingdao industrial design innovation center respectively welcomed the photographers who came to the salon.





At the beginning of the salon activity, Mr. Qinling took his aerial photography works as the starting point to describe his experience from aerial photography to skillful use of UAV for photography. He shared the skills and essentials of aerial photography and enhanced the staff's understanding of aerial photography creation.



Qinling, which has photographed the buildings in Qingdao for decades, has unique views on the old buildings in Qingdao and has its own special feelings. Although the film was not long, it was shot with great care. During the shooting of the water scene, the UAV of Qinling accidentally fell into the sea. During the shooting of the hotel, the UAV flew upside down at a low angle and hit a tree. In order to prevent accidental injury caused by the crash, he chose the open and uninhabited area and time as much as possible in the shooting process.



Under the narration of Mr. Qinling, all the staff gradually have a new thinking on aerial photography creation, and express their own views and inner experience in this sharing activity.




We hope that more and more photography lovers will discover the unique beauty of Qingdao and even every corner of the world with the help of UAVs!

Exhibition of Mr. Qin Ling's photographic academic works