2021 World Design Influence Award Starts
2021-01-12 10:01

The world design impact prize, launched by the world design organization (WDO), is one of WDO's major design promotion activities.
The competition focuses on design to solve the social, economic, cultural and environmental problems in the process of urban development, as well as to improve the quality of life and create a better environment.
The "world design influence Award" was presented to the world design capital of Taipei in 2016, and it was re presented four years later. In 2016, the winner of the award "out of nothing: design Warka water for water from air" is the work of Architecture & vision, a design company. It is hoped that the design can solve the problem of water shortage in Africa, help local people effectively obtain safe drinking water, and promote the importance of water resources.

Registration time:

  • Sign up for yourself: from now until April 30
  • Help (recommend) others to sign up: from now to March 31

For more information and previous works, please contact WDO website:wdo.org/wdip